At Peerless Industrial Equipment Corporation, located in Oshkosh, WI, we offer a number of different hacksaw models. The LHM Series Hacksaws are designed as everyday sawing machines for today’s cutting needs. These super tough machines will give years of reliable service when properly used and maintained.

Our LHM Hacksaws are reasonably priced and are designed and manufactured with heavy-duty cast iron base, and a massive and broad cast-iron overarm. This design assures a stable sawing action that results in perpendicular and parallel cuts through the entire life of the saw.

Our Hacksaws Feature

  • Auto-Stop (Head Return at end of cut)
  • Lift on return Stroke-Minimizes Blade Wear
  • Heavy Duty Swiveling Vise Jaws (45° to 90°)
  • Movable Vise Jaws to Allow Use of Entire Saw Blade
  • Nesting Fixture for Multiple Cutting (Optional)
Hacksaw equipment by Peerless Industrial Equipment
Max CapacityAngle90 degrees90 degrees90 degrees90 degrees90 degrees
Round7" (180mm)11" (280mm)12.5" (320mm)15" (380mm)17.75" (450mm)
Rect hxw6.5" x 6" (170 x 150mm)10.25"x9.75" (260x250mm)11.75"x11.75" (300x300mm)13.75"x11.75" (350x300mm)17"x11.75" (430x300mm)
Saw BladeSpeed80/100/12080/100/12080/100/12080/100/12080/100/120
Size80/100/12018"x1.25"x.062" (450x32x1.6mm)20"x1.5"x.075" (500x38x2.0mm)22"x1.75"x.088" (550x45x2.25mm)26"x2"x.100" (650x50x2.5mm)
Motor OutputSaw Blade1/2 HP2 HP2 HP2 HP3 HP
Vise controlManualManualManualManualManual
Miter Cutting0 ~ 450 ~ 450 ~ 450 ~ 450 ~ 45
Machine Weight (Net/Gross)595/725 lbs (270/330 Kg)1145/1275 lbs (520/580Kg)1320/1450 lbs (600/650Kg)22"x1.75"x.088" (550x45x2.25mm)1760/1935 (800/880Kg)
Work Bed Height-----
Floor Space41.5"x23.5" (1050x600mm)59"x31.5" (1500x800mm)61"x33.25" (1550x850mm)61"x33.25" (1550x850mm)70.75"x35.25" (1800x900mm)
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